Now that the documents are official, I can let the cat out of the bag and write a final chapter on the Jardines saga.  Jardines has been sold.  The new owners are vowing to keep it as a jazz club.  The former owner will stay on for a transitional period.  After that period it is uncertain if she will have a role in the clubs future.  The club will be open for New Years Eve with the new owners and some familiar faces in attendance.

Credit where credit is due, Charles Feruzza upheld his reputation as the most well connected restaurant guy in this city by scooping everyone with the details.  His article covers the sale and has confirmation from the owners.  His is the definitive site for such news.  He even stayed to cover the post after the blog had signed off for the year.  Kudos to Charles.

I am still waiting on a few more details and I will wrap this story up.  I stand by my quote to Charles that to the best of my knowledge only one of the fifteen have been paid.  This includes money for tips left by guests and wages from nearly a month ago and before the Christmas holiday.  I just want the opportunity to share the news with my readers.  Look for an update in the New Year.