Welcome to The Hospitality Formula Network

I have been teasing an announcement on the future of this blog for about a week now. Today is the day when I finally think everything is fully functional and can make the announcement. For those of you that missed the announcement during my interview on The Dave Scott Show, you can download the show by clicking here. It was a pretty good interview. I dispelled several misconceptions guests have about servers. We even talked about crop dusting and flirting with your server. It may be worth a listen.

For the rest of you, here is the big announcement. By the end of the year this site will no longer exist. Even the content that is here will be altered or disappear. No need to worry though, I have been working tirelessly on a new site that I feel will greatly improve your reading experience. I have spent more time in front of computer over the last two weeks than any human really should. I think it is finally ready for everyone to see.

This site ending does not mean I am going to stop blogging. Ending this site simply makes room for five more. These five sites (and a few more to come) will comprise The Hospitality Formula Network. A network of sites that will each provide targeted information on a specific set of topics. Here is how it works:

The Hospitality Formula (www.hospitalityformula.com) will operate pretty much as this site does now. It will be updated daily and contain links to the content of all of the other sites. Visiting this site will give you the first two paragraphs of any post. After that you will be given the option to continue reading the post at another one of the sites in the network. Each post falls into one of the four categories represented in the network (servers, managers, foodies, and humor). The full article can be found on the site it is most relevant to.

I know this all sounds complicated. Once you visit the site, I think it will be far easier to understand. Full indexes of each of the sites can be found in the tabs at the top of the page. Each day this week I will be introducing a new site within the network. This gradual introduction should provide you with a full understanding of each site’s role and how it will fits into the network.

The reason for this change is simple. I want to maintain the ability to write about a large number of topics. Unfortunately, many of these topics are not directly related to tips for improving your tips. Many people read this blog for many different reasons. These changes should enable them to enjoy the information they want without having to sort through posts they are not interested in. These changes were made to improve your reading experience. There is no way I would have attempted this change during the holiday season if I were not convinced my readers would benefit from it.

So give it a try. Check out www.hospitalityformula.com and give it a spin. The layout is different, but the content should look familiar. From there you can check out the whole network and get a sneak peak at the sites I will be introducing over the next week. I truly hope you all like the changes. Many hours of loss sleep and stress have been put into this. Give it a look and tell me what you think.