Don’t Be “That Guy” (Part One)


Nobody wants to work with "that guy."

We were all rookies at one time.  We walked in confident the first day at a new restaurant only to end up with a deer-in-the-headlights look by the first rush.  I’ve worked at plenty of restaurants over the years and know the feeling all to well.  I have most certainly been “that guy” as well.  There is something unnerving about being a rookie at a new restaurant.

I have also been the veteran at several restaurants.  I have been around long enough to see countless rookies come through my restaurant and make the same mistakes.  Most of them are incredibly well meaning.  I try to be patient with all of them.  Sometimes I even bother to learn their names after a couple of months.

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What I Use

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My well worn money clamp and rialto

After my less than flattering review of Hot Schedules I feel like I need to say something nice.  I am in general a pretty optimistic person.  After sitting here and writing 2500 words on why I dislike Hot Schedules, I need to cleanse my pallet.  I never intended for this to turn into “review week” on the blog   I might as well balance out my last two posts with some things that I do like.

None of this is sponsored.  No one pays me for these opinions.  These are the actual tools that after 15 years as a server I find work best for me.  I am constantly looking for products that allow me to do my job more effectively.  I feel each of these do so and would benefit you as well.

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