Remembering Labor on Labor Day


The American Ruling Class

Happy Labor Day to everyone at home to read this because they are not busy laboring.  I had a brief break between shifts on my double and wanted to post a few thoughts on the holiday.  Perhaps no other American holiday has less remembrance of its origin.  Maybe it is the Labor Day double, but the holiday has me thinking.  It is time that we remember labor on Labor Day.

Labor day is meant to serve as a celebration of the benefits organized labor has brought to the American worker.  I know mentioning the word “union” in any context related to restaurants is enough to put me on some sort of McCarthy era watch list.  I am not going to write about unionization of restaurants.  Maybe next labor day.  This labor day I would rather look at the plight of the worker be they organized or disorganized.

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Top Ten Songs About Waitresses


In all fairness, I spend a lot of time writing posts that share valuable information about how to make more money as a server.  This is not one of those posts.  Instead today I am in a bit of a celebratory mood.  Last week, this blog finally broke the 1000 views in a week mark.  Maybe not the biggest milestone on the internet, but dang it I am happy about it.  Thank you to all of my readers both new and old.  I think a little present is in order.

Last night on the way home from a concert, I was listening to The Replacements when “Waitress in the Sky” came on.  Suddenly a light bulb went off.  To thank all of you who read this blog and have stuck with me through some less than exciting posts, I decided to compile a list of the greatest songs about restaurants.  Then I realized that is a very large list of songs and much deliberation is needed to narrow it down to just ten.  I decided to refocus the list to a narrower topic: Waitresses.

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