Recommended Viewing 11/15


For this week’s recommended reading post, I decided to try something a little different.  Normally on Mondays I post a series of articles that I found interesting over the last week.  This week, I decided to highlight some of the funniest videos on the internet about servers.  Most of us get to work with some incredibly talented people. Some of those talented people spend their time in side stations trying to come up with ideas to make us all laugh.  After spending a few hours looking up old favorites and finding some new ones, I wanted to share some of the best groups out there making funny videos about serving.

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Foodie Friday: Fact or Fiction


My General Manager once told me the story of the Caesar salad.  Back in the time of Caesar, salt was incredibly scarce.  Salty fish named anchovies were abundant though.  So to create the salty taste in the dressing they used the anchovies.  Even though we have plenty of salt today, we still use the anchovies to pay tribute to Caesar.

I told this story hundreds of times.  Guests loved hearing it.  It made something regal about the plain old Caesar salad.  The problem was that it was completely incorrect.  The Caesar salad was named after Caesar Cardini who invented it in his Mexican Restaurant in 1924. When I confronted my GM he laughed at the notion I ever believed the story in the first place.

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