Lobster Facts and Trivia


Not quite as effective as the cute puppies in the humane society ads.

My friend Marcy has been telling me for years that I need a dog.  She thinks it would be good for me to have a pet for companionship.  I have always avoided getting one based on the fact that my schedule prevents me from being home frequently enough to let it outside.  I can see the benefit of having a pet, I just don’t think that a dog is the right pet for me.  I personally think I am more of a lobster guy.  While lobsters may not be the most common pets, I find them absolutely fascinating.  Of course a chilled salt-water tank is a bit more of a financial commitment than a food and water bowl, so I remain without a pet lobster.  As a prelude to my purchase of “Rock” (I have already named him), I wanted to share with you some reasons why lobsters are way cooler than most animals.

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Five Great Food Stories


Who doesn’t love a great story?  Even before written language, humans shared stories to remember their great moments.  When we are children, our parents read us stories and as adults we read them to our children.  When we are with the people we have known the longest we tell stories of our past and work to create stories for the future.  It is fundamental to human nature to enjoy a good story.

The best stories are those we can pass along.  Over the years I have collected a great number of stories from guests and fellow servers.  They are referred to as stories rather than fact, because they are often oversimplified to the point of being inaccurate.  A great story must be both easy to understand and easy enough for you guest to tell their friends next time they eat out.  Getting too bogged down in details will lose the guest’s attention rather than making them feel smarter.  If your story makes them instantly think, “I can’t wait to tell that story,” you have a great story.

Here a five great stories to try on your guests.

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