Weird Restaurant Stories 11/20


It seems this column always ends up with a focus on crime.  I can only expect that to become more common as the holidays approach and crime rates rise.  This week’s stories are not only about crime, but the general stupidity of those who commit it.  These people pictured themselves as modern day D.B. Coopers only to find themselves caught.  A word to all criminals: If you are not smart enough to talk yourself out of robbing a restaurant, you are probably not smart enough to get away with it.  When you are caught, you can count on me to enjoy mocking you in the hours I am not working hard at an actual job.

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Weird Restaurant Stories 10/9


Welcome back to another week of strange restaurant stories from around the country.  I have been writing this column for several weeks now.  Those of you who read it every week have already started picking up on trends.  This week we have our first follow up story.  We also have what I think qualifies as the strangest story yet.  As a bonus this week I am introducing two new awards.  I have decided to name them after characters from past posts on this blog and am allowing you to choose if they become weekly features.

Enough with the intro, let’s get to some stories.

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