In all fairness, I spend a lot of time writing posts that share valuable information about how to make more money as a server.  This is not one of those posts.  Instead today I am in a bit of a celebratory mood.  Last week, this blog finally broke the 1000 views in a week mark.  Maybe not the biggest milestone on the internet, but dang it I am happy about it.  Thank you to all of my readers both new and old.  I think a little present is in order.

Last night on the way home from a concert, I was listening to The Replacements when “Waitress in the Sky” came on.  Suddenly a light bulb went off.  To thank all of you who read this blog and have stuck with me through some less than exciting posts, I decided to compile a list of the greatest songs about restaurants.  Then I realized that is a very large list of songs and much deliberation is needed to narrow it down to just ten.  I decided to refocus the list to a narrower topic: Waitresses.

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