Far more tame than I am imagining

Earlier this week I mentioned a toothache that was sending me to the Dentist.  What I failed to mention is that I would rather work doubles the next five days waiting on nothing but small children than go to the Dentist.  So as I sit here in front of my computer trying to produce some brilliant insight into the restaurant industry, all I can think about is the fact that someone is going to be moving scary tools into my mouth.  It is maddening.  There is a point to all of this, but I am going to rant a bit more before I get there.

The first issue I have with the dentist is pain.  I think it is natural to fear pain, but I might have exceeded the rational level of fear long ago.  When I was a teen, I had most of my dental work done at a local dental school.  This did nothing to reassure my fears.  After setting a record of 14 shots to the gums to numb me for one filling, I have a horror story to justify my fears.  The Dentist I am going to has been one of my best friends for over 15 years.  He is beyond capable and I trust him implicitly.  I know it will be as painless as possible, but it is all relative considering he will be using power tools on my head and removing something from my skull by force.

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