Weird Restaurant Stories 11/13

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As I perused this week’s restaurant stories, one thing became very clear.  It was an incredibly bad week for restaurant managers.  Several of this week’s stories contain the “manager’s behaving badly” meme.  There are also some great follow up stories that will sound familiar to long time readers of this column.  All of which have been painstakingly compiled for your weekend reading enjoyment.

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Weird Restaurant Stories 10/2


Welcome back for another week of weird restaurant stories from around the country and around the globe.  Last week’s post sounded more like a crime blotter than a lighthearted romp through the news of the weird.  It ended with two pleas.  The first was to stop committing heinous crimes at restaurants and return to acts of stupidity.  The second was that someone in the West North Central region finally does something newsworthy to get on the scoreboard.  I can declare this week a victory on the first request.  The second, we will have to wait and see.

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