You Can Get Anything You Want At Alice’s Restaurant (Including Trophies)



Yes, I do have it on vinyl. Hipster Rating +1

Happy Thanksgiving.  Long time readers might recall me mentioning long ago a particular affection for Woody Guthrie.  What you don’t know, unless you have known me for twenty years, is that it began with his son Arlo.  Today, I wanted to tell you the story.  Then I want to follow up the story with the best version of Alice’s Restaurant complete with the Richard Nixon story ending.  Before I get there though I would ask that for proper understanding of this story you all remember the simple meandering guitar while reading the rest of this post.

You see it all started about 20 Thanksgiving ago, that is 20 years ago Thanksgiving, when myself, my buddy Glen, and our debate coach Ron had an idea.  This was not just any idea.  They had an idea to make a skinny debater into an actor.  I real live bonafide cry on demand actor.  The only problem is that I am not an actor.  Their solution was that I wasn’t going to act.

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Remembering Labor on Labor Day


The American Ruling Class

Happy Labor Day to everyone at home to read this because they are not busy laboring.  I had a brief break between shifts on my double and wanted to post a few thoughts on the holiday.  Perhaps no other American holiday has less remembrance of its origin.  Maybe it is the Labor Day double, but the holiday has me thinking.  It is time that we remember labor on Labor Day.

Labor day is meant to serve as a celebration of the benefits organized labor has brought to the American worker.  I know mentioning the word “union” in any context related to restaurants is enough to put me on some sort of McCarthy era watch list.  I am not going to write about unionization of restaurants.  Maybe next labor day.  This labor day I would rather look at the plight of the worker be they organized or disorganized.

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