Foodie Knowledge was one of the concepts I had when I started my original blog tipsfortips.  The food posts started right away with my first feature “Foodie Fridays.”  Eventually I discovered that writing food related posts on a weekly basis was a bit of a strain.  Instead, food related posts were featured on the blog as they occurred to me.  They fell into two basic categories: posts about food and posts for foodies.  When I started Foodie Knowledge, I wanted to make it about more than just food.  It also covers dining out and posts about restaurant culture from a guests perspective.

More than any other blog on the network, Foodie Knowledge is based on search engine traffic.  Search engines traffic is not always based upon how often the subject of the post is searched for.  Instead it is based upon a combination of how often it is searched for and what spot the post comes up in the results.  This means that the most commonly searched for posts are not always the ones that receive the most traffic.  Instead it is usually the posts that are written about by others the least.  That should explain a lot about this list.

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