(Note: Someone asked me why I was celebrating my first year of blogging when it had been so long since I posted.  Apparently, they missed the memo that I moved my blogging from this site to my new set of blogs at The Hospitality Formula Network.  This week I will post my “best of” posts on this site as well to give some of my older readers a taste of what they are missing on the new sites.) 

As part of my recognition of the “birthday” of my first blog, I am recapping each of my blogs this week in a “best of” post.  Many of the posts on Restaurant Laughs originated on my tipsfortips blog before migrating to The Hospitality Formula Network.  I wanted to give a peak behind the scenes and show you what some of the most popular posts have been since the migration.  Then I am looking back on some of the posts that are my favorites to give my new readers a chance to catch up on some of the best posts from the past.  Let’s start with the most popular.

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