I have been struggling to determine exactly what I want to do with this page.  Most of the content has been moved to it’s new home at The Hospitality Formula Network.  Instead of posting links to this site daily, I have decided to do a Friday recap of the week’s posts.  This would also serve as a good reminder to update any bookmarks or blogrolls to the new site.

Haven’t been on The Hospitality Formula Network this week, here is what you missed.

Saturday: I kicked off the new year of Weird Restaurant Stories.  A new year brought several changes and the end of some old features.  Still all the weirdness of the week in one easy to find post.

Monday: It’s job hunting season for many servers.  In Job Hunting: Questions To Ask, I gave a list of questions for job hunters to ask on an interview.  This is information you need to make a good decision about your next employer.  It is also a great way to make yourself more desirable during the interview process.

Tuesday: The Manager’s Office featured a post on Marketing with Facebook.  The details on how to launch a successful Facebook marketing campaign for your restaurant or any type of business.

Wednesday: An introduction to Dining 101 with Mr Wolfe.  This is an excellent new website filled with practical tips on how to be a better diner.  I see this becoming the definitive site for restaurant etiquette in the near future.

Thursday: I broke down and posted a rant about Trash Talking Guests.  Why do some people take so much joy from tossing insults at a server who cannot fire back?  A few laughs for you in this one.

Friday:  I just wrapped up the week with a post on Faking It.  This is the necessary information to avoid the gaffes that many diners make.  Restaurants should not be intimidating, hopefully this post can make them less intimidating for you.

All this and many more posts are available on the new home of tipsfortips: The Hospitality Formula Network