This is not the time to start thinking about server safety

When I started my first job in Management year ago, a fellow manager told me this story on my first night.  He had managed a restaurant a few years earlier with his best friend.  He asked his best friend to close for him on a Saturday night so he could go on a hot date.  Sunday morning he returned to the restaurant to find the alarm not set.  He didn’t think much of it until he saw the floor was filthy outside the walk in cooler.  He opened the door to find his best friend dead inside.

I’ve never forgotten that story because it underlies one of the most frightening facts that not even everyone in the business knows.  Restaurants and their employees are very frequently the targets of violent robberies.  In the book Fast Food Nation they even go so far as to point out that a restaurant manager is more likely to be killed on the job than a police officer.  Every week I write the “weird restaurant stories” column and exclude most of the robbery stories.  This has caused me to be painfully aware of how large a problem this is for the industry.

What is far less often reported is crimes against servers.  Over the years I have known several servers of were mugged leaving work.  This happens far more often than is reported or talked about.  With the holidays approaching this is a far greater issue.  We all need to rethink our processes for leaving the restaurant with cash in our pockets to avoid any would be thieves.

Here are a few personal security tips for the holidays.

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