Care to step up to the podium?

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

-Stephen Hawking

We all know “that guy.”  He (or she) is the one that would lead you to believe he is an expert on everything, even when they are bluffing.  “That guy” has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of answers even if they have only wikipedic accuracy.  “That guy” seldom has as much information as they claim.  As a blogger, I try very hard not to be “that guy.”

There are any number of topics that I have not even come close to addressing on this blog that I would really like to see covered.  My problem is that I am aware of who comprises my audience.  It would be presumptuous, if not absurd, of me to write about wines knowing that there are a couple vintners and a handful of sommeliers that read this blog.  I have been a bartender, but some of the best bartenders in town read this blog.  I would never be presumptive enough to tell them how to do their job better.

For a while now I have been trying to come up with a way to get more people involved in this blog.  Today, I am asking if anyone out there would like to become a contributor.  I can’t pay you (which means you will make as much as I do), but I can offer all the fame and glory writing for this blog might bring.  I can give you a great title like, “resident wine expert at” which would look good on a resume.  More importantly you can share your thoughts with the world without having to maintain your own blog.  All credit will be given and I will gladly link to most anything you would like to provide publicity for.

Before you start having doubts, let me offer some reassurances.  You do not have to be the world’s foremost authority on your topic.  There is no commitment.  When you feel like writing, write.  Send it to me and I will work it into the schedule for the week.  I won’t impose deadlines or hassle you.  This is just your opportunity to share what you choose with the world.

There are several topics that I would love to find someone to write about.  They include:


Wine Varietals (common or lesser known)





Any Type of Ethnic Cuisine


Bottle Service

Restaurant Ownership


This is in no way a complete list.  If you have something you want to write about, let me know.  Send me your idea for a topic or what area you would like to be an expert in to .  I will review your ideas and get back with you shortly.  No suggestion is too strange and all will receive consideration.

This does not mean that I am ready to stop writing myself.  It is quite the opposite.  I have some projects related to this blog that I have really needed to dedicate some time to.  One guest column a week will free up some time to work on these projects.  A couple guest columns and I can turn this into the seven-day a week blog that I have hoped it would become.  If you have any other ideas for topics you would like to see addressed on this blog, leave them in the comments.  Maybe we can find the expert for your idea.