One of the difficulties of the frantic posting regimen I have taken upon myself is trying to come up with new and interesting things to write about.  I want this blog to be informative and provide real world tips that you can apply on your next shift to make more money.  This is one of the reasons why I am happy to get phone calls from time to time with suggestions.  This topic was inspired by a phone call from my friend Roman of the Subatomic Pioneers.  Give me a good idea and you get a mention.  Solve the other problem of coming up witty opening paragraph and I will link to your band too.

Guests have a significant amount in common with my ex-girlfriends.  Both of them can be noticeably unhappy and rather than tell you the issue, they will make you guess.  The old “If you don’t know what is wrong then I am certainly not going to tell you” treatment.  In both cases, failing to spot the signals and act upon them will prevent you from getting what you want.  In the guest’s case that means your entire tip.  Knowing how to spot these problems and how to get them to admit the problem is the key to saving your tip.  Guests will often respond to disappointment by lessening your tip even if they choose not to admit the problem or recognize you, as the server, did not create it.

Here are three ways to spot a complaint that is never verbally mentioned:

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