So I was watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare’s the other night and saw a server make foil swan.  I fully expected Chef Ramsey to lose his mind, but he seemed to really enjoy it.  It is a waste of foil and not a particularly good way to package food.  Chef Ramsey enjoyed it though which means it is officially cool again.  Old school servers can again rejoice, we are retro now.

I was taught how to do this years ago by a wise old school waiter.  This dates back to a time before mass produced boxes when doggy bags were really bags.  This is not a process you should use top package all leftovers, but it is an added touch you can provide to impress your guests.  Kids get a kick out of it.  Older diners can still remember when it was the norm.

This process is best when you are only boxing one smaller item.  Nothing with sauce should ever be wrapped in this manner.  Leaving the guest a beautiful swan that leaks all over the table, will make them more annoyed than impressed.  You should probably keep this to a minimum as well.  If your restaurant does not order foil for this reason, the chef might be protective of his supply.

So here are the steps to creating your swan.

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